With AlShajib, we put our seven-year or more of experience at our clients' disposal to meet their needs. We have our qualifying staff that their main goal and concern is to assist you and provide every help you need to get the results you are looking for.   Therefore, no matter what you need and for what cause, we will be always at your side, hand on hand to pass you through this challenging process.

AlShajib mission is to assist in building concrete foundation for every beginner’s life.  If you are starting a new life in the USA, we are here with you to help stay, work, and study legally. We will be here to help you prepare any documents to bring a relative or worker and adjusting the status.  If you start a new business life, we will be with you in every step and assist to complete the process and move on with your venture.  

We are proud that AlShajib has the ability to provide comprehensive services from start to end. We can do it all without break. 

No matter from where you start the navigation , every arrow will lead back to our road because AlShajib is the direct destination for every beginner. Every start needs its own preparation, and we will prepare you completely and comprehensively to hit the road and get the success you are aiming for. 

AlShajib Document Preparation and Translation Services LLC is able to assist you in preparing any governmental application, petition, or form in English, Arabic, and Spanish. Whatever you need, we can assist. Our services include, but not limited to preparing the following:

- Immigration Document and Forms

- IRS Application

- USDA Guaranteed-Loan Application Preparation

- Translation in both languages, Arabic and Spanish

- Notary Public

- Mobile Signing Agent